08/11/18 5:55am

Wolffer Estate Vineyard celebrated its 30th anniversary with a dinner last weekend. (Credit: @wolfferwine/Instagram)

It rained Saturday. It rained hard. Roads flooded. I’m sure that more than a few of the 250 or so people who gathered at Wölffer Estate to celebrate the winery’s 30th anniversary expected that the event would be moved inside. Or at least under a tent.

But no. The Wölffer team didn’t give up and was rewarded with what was nothing short of a perfect evening. We were outside the entire evening, in grass that should have been soggy, above soil that should have been like a wet sponge. (more…)

10/21/15 12:24pm
Credit: Wölffer Estate Vineyard

Credit: Wölffer Estate Vineyard

In a wine world where current release First Growth Bordeaux sells for well over $1,000 per bottle, $100 is a ridiculously low price to pay for a great bottle of wine. Still, it’s not the kind of money most of us can spend very often on a bottle of wine. It’s also extremely rare to find American wines in that price range that aren’t made on the West Coast.

Sagaponack’s Wölffer Estate Vineyard has had a $100 wine in its portfolio for many years – its flagship wine, once known as Premier Cru but now named Christian’s Cuvée to honor the winery’s founder Christian Wölffer, who passed away in late 2008. (more…)