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Girls films in Greenport in 2013. (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Ever since you were little, you might have wanted to be like some of the people you watched on the big screen. Now, thanks to a piece published in the New York Post May 23, you can at least vacation like them. 

Inspired by a 2014 episode of the HBO show “Girls” in which the title characters visit the North Fork, the Post gave recommendations for a trip to Greenport. They even shared tips for visiting Shelter Island and Bellport in the same post.

The article breaks down Post-style what exactly attracts people to the Village of Greenport and its “Instagram-ready” waterfront.

Salamanders, Greenport Harbor Brewery, Brix & Rye, Claudio’s, Frisky Oyster and American Beech all make the Post’s list of places to try.

See for yourself how the Post thinks you should “vacation like the girls from Girls.”


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