07/20/18 5:25pm

Lazzara’s at Claudio’s opened earlier this month. (Credit: Rachel Siford)

One of the most iconic seafood restaurants on the North Fork is now a destination for New York City pizza.

Lazzara’s Pizza Café in Manhattan has opened a satellite location at Claudio’s in the vacant space nearest the Clam Bar, formerly known as the Clam Bar Express. The midtown pizzeria — regarded for its thin-crust Sicilian slices — opened on the wharf earlier this month serving up made-from-scratch cheese, pepperoni and margarita pizzas. Pies can also be customized. (more…)

05/03/18 12:29pm

The fried shrimp at Claudio’s Clam Bar.

Claudio’s Clam Bar is opening Saturday for the first time since the property was sold.

The iconic waterfront property switched hands in March, but the new management team said patrons can expect all of the same when the clam bar reopens this weekend.

Expect favorites like lobster rolls, oysters and craft cocktails, along with daily specials that will change with what’s in season. (more…)

08/24/17 12:51pm

Clawdia, with her red shell and large three and a half pound body, surely stands out among the lobsters at Claudio’s restaurant in Greenport. That’s because she is the rare red lobster who is still kicking — or rather clawing — as her pigment is likely due to genes rather than a pot of boiling water.

She came in from a shipment from Canada earlier this week and easily distinguished herself from the crowd of brown/black live lobsters. So instead of going on diner’s plate, she was given a name and taken off the menu.

“We get several hundreds pounds every week during the summer. In the middle of the shipment, instead of finding lobsters that are the normal coloration, we found one that was cooked,” said co-owner Bill Claudio. “Or it looked like it was cooked.”