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Oyster Po’ Boy from Deepwater Bar & Grille. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

When someone left a new comment this week on our month-old story about Deep Water Bar & Grille, I figured it was, at worst, someone probably making fun of our reporting (likely) or spam (even more likely).

Instead, I saw a raving review from a reader about Greenport’s newest waterfront restaurant.

“I have told so many how delicious and fresh the food was,” the commenter said. “The atmosphere was lovely. Good luck with your business, I cannot wait to visit again and try something else.”

Intrigued, I headed over to Facebook and to read what others were saying about this new restaurant. The web was filled with patrons complimenting the atmosphere, service and, most importantly, the food.

“Great local brews, great seafood and classic Greenport views!” one commenter wrote.

“Best ribs we ever had! Friendly servers. Can’t wait to go back,” another posted.

The reviews are in and the internet loves Deep Water.

I wanted to experience Beth Pike’s Front Street eatery first-hand and it did not disappoint.

During a recent visit I chose the Po’ Boy sandwich, which was mentioned in several online reviews. Panko-breaded oysters are served with sweet corn cabbage slaw on a toasted potato roll and chipotle tartar sauce ($17). Fries are included.

The first thing you will notice about this dish is its presentation. We loved the wooden paddle plate and the metal tin the fries were served in. And the sandwich was flavorful, with some spicy bites mixed in. The crunchy slaw balanced out the texture of the oysters.

Food snobs and restaurateurs might sneer at online restaurant forums and amateur critics, but I believe the consensus of a crowd is telling. If a dozen random people say something is good, it probably is.

I say that because people usually don’t hold back when they dislike something, especially under the cloak of anonymity afforded them by the Internet.

Instead, people are offering flattering commentary on this new spot.

Several online reviewers also mention the macaroni and cheese bites and the burgers — I’ll be back to try them both.

The nautical-themed space looks so warm and inviting after Pike and her crew renovated it, especially the second-floor patio dubbed “Beth’s Upper Deck.” It’s a great spot to enjoy a cocktail or glass of Long Island wine while the sun sets.

The restaurant also offers dockside service to to boats in the harbor (with a 15 percent surcharge).

So for all you yachting types, this is a restaurant worth checking out this summer.

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