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Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (

For the most part, it’s been a rather gloomy past two weeks. Snow. Rain. Cold. More snow. Repeat.

And sure, we can’t wait for the summer to come.

But let us not forget: the North Fork still remains a beautiful place, even among the cold, snow and ice. In fact, sometimes all that makes the area even more pretty. And luckily, we have Instagram and Flickr to prove it.

Check out these beautiful skylines taken from across the North Fork over the past couple of months. 

Jon Schusteritsch clearly shares our affinity for the North Fork skyline this winter (or do we share his?); you’ll see more photos from him on this list than from anyone else. This one comes to us from Old Cove Yacht Club in New Suffolk.

Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (
Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (

This shot from Joe Mcleer captures the beauty of Enterprise Park at Calverton — typically known for its main purpose as a not-so-appealing industrial park — at sunrise.

Credit: Joe Mcleer (

This photo comes from Kent O. Smith, Jr. before Old Man Winter decided to show up. Remember those days?

Credit: Kent O. Smith, Jr. (

This shot from Diane Woodcheke captures a nice blue sky behind the trees right before the second snowfall to touch down recently. At least the sky was nice for a little while.

Credit: Diane Woodcheke (

Another one from Jon Schusteritsch, this shot — if you can’t tell from the huge boulders — was taken on the Long Island Sound. For fans of Schusteritsch’s work, you can catch his photos at the Cutchogue-New Suffolk Library through the end of the month.

Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (
Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (

Like what you see? Six more skylines await on the next page.

No car batteries were killed during the shooting of Mark Harrington’s photo. We hope.

Credit: Mark Harrington (

Another one from way back in early January. Kent O. Smith, Jr. captures a beautiful sunset on the Peconic Bay in Mattituck.

Credit: Kent O. Smith, Jr. (

Because dogs still need to be walked in the winter time, too. 


Speaking of dog walking: if it’s going to be cold and snowy outside, you might as well walk the dogs under a pink, yellow and purple sky, right?

Credit: Kristy Naddell (

Ahoy! From the docks of Greenport, Kent O. Smith finds where the water meets the sky. 

Credit: Kent O. Smith, Jr. (

Squint your eyes. There’s Connecticut.

Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (
Credit: Jon Schusteritsch (