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07/23/16 9:57am

The view from Lloyd's Lane in Mattituck, where Douglas Elliman Real Estate holds this listing. Click the photo to see the listing.

The view from Lloyd’s Lane in Mattituck, where Douglas Elliman Real Estate holds this listing. Click the photo to see the house.

Scenario 1: It’s 8:28 p.m. and the sun is about to set on Long Island Sound. The waves come in … then go out … then come back in, lapping against the shore gently, yet loudly enough to still mimic the sound of the ocean. A mixture of soft blue and pink scatters the sky in a place far off in the northwest that, as you sit atop a 200-foot bluff, seems thousands of miles away. Yet Connecticut seems so close, you wonder how long it would take to kayak there.

Scenario 2: It’s early in the morning. Looking out at Peconic Bay, a body of water so synonymous with the region people have longed to name a county after it, you walk along the sandy beach occasionally glancing out at the Hamptons. Or maybe you’re looking out over one of the scores of creeks that dot Peconic Bay and spot an osprey swinging down to scoop up bunker. The weekday morning is quiet, but in a few days you may see several dozen boats out on the water in a single area, searching for porgies.

These two scenes offer a glimpse into what it means to live on one of the two bodies of water that surround the North Fork like a glove on a hand.  (more…)

08/08/15 6:25am
Credit: Joseph Pinciaro

Tiger Swallowtail. (Credit: Joseph Pinciaro)

Take a walk out your back door. Sit down at your patio table, walk over to your garden, or kneel down to pick some weeds.

Then take a close look around you.

What bugs do you see crawling around? What kinds of birds are sitting in the trees? How many moths are floating through your bushes?

For the past couple years, Scott McIntire has been answering these questions on his quarter-acre plot of land in Greenport, where he keeps tallies of every kind of bird, bumblebee and beetle he can spot in his backyard. (more…)

06/20/15 8:32am
Credit: Joseph Pinciaro

Credit: ABC

Imagine yourself out at a North Fork tasting room one afternoon. A laborer walks up from the fields of the vineyards, sits down at a table and cracks open a cold bottle of water, taking a minute to rest. And then, one couple in the tasting room starts asking him to leave.

“Excuse me. You’re blocking our view.”

“You pick the grapes. We drink the wine.”

“The workers are supposed to be in the field.”

“I don’t mind them cutting my lawn.” (more…)