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Credit: Judgmental Maps

Some people just cannot get enough North Fork wine — we’re looking at you; not that this is a bad thing.

For the second time in less than two months the folks behind the maps that have stereotyped cities such as New York, Las Vegas and Seattle, unveiled a judgmental view of Long Island Tuesday.

Similar to May’s judgmental map of the Hamptons, the North Fork was highlighted as a bright spot with wine, beaches and a carousel. And if you’re making the trip out east, it is a good thing you have something to look forward to considering what you have to pass along the way.

Heading across Long Island to the North Fork you may encounter heroin, haunted houses and hazing on your ride out — and those are just the hazards beginning with “H,” according to the full map. 

Even when you cross east of the “Country Folks” line — starting near Wading River and running southeast through East Moriches — you  will definitely want to steer north to avoid the South Fork, which was again categorized as ritzy and exclusive.

Bottom line: even judgmental people lighten up when it comes to sunshine and vino.