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Joe Coleman of the Roaming Fork food truck. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)
Joe Coleman of the Roaming Fork food truck. (Credit: Sherry Pickerell)

Cute and tasty, they’re gourmet restaurants on wheels.

A lot of adjectives can be used to describe the handful of food trucks that have popped up on the North Fork the past several years. They’re delicious and adorable, mobile and convenient.

But perhaps more than anything, we love these trucks because they are just so darn fun.

These aren’t your every day hot dog trucks. With menu items ranging from tacos and pulled pork sandwiches to Hawaiian pizzas and egg sandwiches, the fare is unique and diverse, with each truck carving out its own niche.

You’re sure to see these trucks at your favorite wineries and events this summer. Here’s your chance to learn their stories ahead of time.

Read all about them on the following pages.

This story was originally published in the summer 2014 edition of the northforker Long Island Wine Press.