11/03/18 5:55am

Over the past several months, much has been written — both in the local press and in response to those stories — about the idea of food at wineries. I’m firmly in favor of food being available at wineries. As I mentioned several columns ago, the New York State Liquor Authority requires licensed wineries — though not farm wineries, which is what most Long Island wineries are — to have food available for sale or service to customers if they pour wines for consumption on premises. That’s the legal side of it, but the logical side of it is even more compelling.  (more…)

07/19/14 9:00am
Dean Eichom behind the counter of Nice Buns Slamming Sliders parked at The Lenz Winery in Peconic.

Dean Eichorn behind the counter of Nice Buns Slammin’ Sliders parked at The Lenz Winery in Peconic.

When Dean Eichorn graduated from The Culinary Institute of America, any of his chef colleagues would scoff at the idea of manning the deep fryers inside an aluminum trailer and slinging frankfurters.

But oh how things have changed since 1972.

“We do serve hot dogs, but it’s not the main product,” said Eichorn from behind the counter of his new food truck, Nice Buns Slammin’ Sliders. “We have truffle French fries.” (more…)