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Lifestyle store Phoebe & Belle focuses on simply, organic North Fork-inspired designs.

With its rich history, seaside luster and miles of greenery, the North Fork has a brand of beauty all of its own. Capturing and reflecting the region’s simple, yet chic nature in your own home, however, is often a little more complicated than watching the sun set over the Sound.

New home décor and lifestyle store Phoebe & Belle is helping make that North Fork style more accessible for everyone.

With a passion for design and a knack for business, longtime North Forker Kathy Perretta and daughter Annie are opening a one-stop shop for all things home and garden at the former Downhome Store in Cutchogue.

Phoebe & Belle will sell home décor with an emphasis on clean lines and natural, organic beauty inspired by the North Fork. They will also sell gifts, kitchen and garden furnishings, similar to its predecessor the Downhome Store which closed last summer.

The older Perretta got the idea to open the Main Street shop last year to satisfy her love of design and the need for a home décor store on the North Fork.

With the help of her business partner and daughter Annie, a fellow design and art enthusiast, Phoebe & Belle will open its doors later this month.

We caught up with the Perettas on Thursday to discuss some tips to decorate your home the North Fork way.

Pro Tip #1: Bring the Outside in

Wooden furniture is a great way of including natural elements in your decor.
Wooden furniture is a great way of including natural elements in your decor.

Bringing the outside in is an excellent way to boost your North Fork home decor, Kathy and Annie said. Natural elements like wood provide a laid back, beach vibe instep with the North Fork culture. Phoebe & Belle offers numerous handcrafted, customize designed furniture built with recycled materials.

Both agree that not all pieces need to be bought. In addition to your furniture, other accessories can range from beach glass to shells to garden fresh flowers on your property.

“The North Fork is so stunning, especially in the summer,  so it would be a shame not to incorporate that into your design,” Annie said.

Woven items are a great way to add texture. (Cyndi Murray photo)
Woven items are a great way to add texture.

Pro Tip #2: Add texture

Woven baskets and sea grass rugs will help bring your room to life, according to Kathy and Annie. Different textures create interest and warm the space, they said.

“I like mixing a lot of texture in addition to adding natural elements,” Kathy said.

Use colorful accessories to brighten up a space. (Cyndi Murray photo)
Use colorful accessories to brighten up a space.

Pro Tip #3: Start neutral

Tans, whites, browns are a good starting point for achieving a North Fork vibe, they said. The ladies recommend adding pops of color with accessories that could be changed out depending on the season.

Phoebe & Belle is located on the corner of Skunk Lane and Main Road in Cutchogue.

Check out the slide show more photos of the store before it opens.




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