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CYNDI MURRAY PHOTO |Greenport coffee shop owner Aldo Maiorana shows us how to make a perfect latte at home, without the fuss.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make the perfect latte, the answer is more simple than you’d might have imagined.
You don’t need pricy machines or a precise formula, just strong coffee and milk, according to Aldo Maiorana, the man behind Greenport’s popular coffee place, Aldo’s.

“There is no secret,” he said. “Anyone can do anything at home. You don’t need to steam or use special tools. It’s just coffee and milk. Keep it simple.”

So, instead of braving the cold on a snow day, try warming up with your own homemade latte made easy with this tips from master coffee maker Aldo.

1. Use a strong coffee

Although you don’t need an espresso machine to make a latte, a French press is better than a regular coffee maker, however, both will do the trick, Aldo said. The key is to use rich, dark coffee beans.

At his Front Street store Aldo blends his own beans and uses his house blend Orient’ Espresso to make his lattes. Orient’ Espresso is made with four types of dark coffee beans — the exact mix will remain a house secret Aldo said.

2. Do not boil the milk

Whatever you do don’t boil the milk, Aldo said. At home you can simply heat the milk on a stovetop, nothing fancy. Aldo highly recommends using whole milk to make a latte.

“If you use skim milk you will dilute the flavor,” he said.

3. Pour and sip

When trying to figure out what the exact coffee-to-milk ratio should be in your cup try not to over think it, Aldo said. In his shop, Aldo uses about 4 oz. of coffee for a 12 oz. latte. But finding your perfect ratio is up to you, he said.

“There is no particular recipe,” he said. “It’s a matter of taste and knowing what you like.”

Another pro tip for making the perfect latte at home is to keep in mind that the stronger your coffee is the more milk you should add, he said.

Try it for yourself at home, or just head down to Aldo’s. There you can also pick up Aldo’s special blends of coffee along with biscotti and other treats to enjoy with your latte.

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