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Bride Sara arrives in front of the Naugles Barn at Hallockville for the wedding as the production crew gets ready to capture the moment.

A new TLC reality show gave an August bride the wedding of her dreams at Hallockville Farm in Riverhead.

Cat Deeley from the television show “So You Think You Can Dance” came to town this summer with a production team to shoot the pilot episode of “Secret Wedding.”

Unbeknownst to the bride, her fiancée, family and friends all conspired to turn her do-it-yourself wedding into a spectacular event at the historic 1937 Naugles Barn at Hallockville.

The day before the wedding, the bride, Sara, and her friends arrived at the venue to hang decorations and set the tables. After they left to prepare for the rehearsal dinner, Ms. Deeley and her team of event planners, floral designers and a production crew turned the modest, low-budget affair into something Sara dreamed of but couldn’t afford.

Ms. Deeley also lent a hand to American Tent Company owner Bobby Bugdin and his crew to set up the tent.

Trimble’s Nursery in Cutchogue supplied wildflowers and ornamental plants. The Riverhead Project’s chef Lia Fallon provided a gourmet cuisine inspired by the bride’s Ecuadoran heritage.

Beth Motschenbacher, assistant director at Hallockville, said she believes the barn’s rustic character complemented the couple’s unique style and do-it-yourself sensibility.

“When [TLC] approached us about using Hallockville as the site, it was only a month in advance of the big day,” she said. “We were excited to participate and pleased to see they also utilized other local vendors where possible. The show will highlight the North Fork as an ideal wedding destination.”

The pilot episode of “Secret Wedding” airs Friday, Dec. 27, at 10 p.m. on TLC.

To watch a promo video clip of “Secret Wedding,” visit TLC’s website.

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