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cronut sconut bruce's cafe and cheese emporium greenport
Photo by Cyndi Murray

When New York City-based Dominique Ansel Bakery introduced its half croissant, half donut pastry in May, it whipped the masses into an all-out frenzy. The lines of Cronut-starved people have been known to wrap around the block in lower Manhattan. The now trademarked Cronut has launched hundreds of different takes on the dessert including the “Sconut” made at Greenport’s own Bruce’s Cafe & Cheese Emporium.

The Sconut is a cross between the café’s homemade donuts and scones. Bruce’s has being baking fresh pastries since 1974, but it was just a couple of months ago when owner and chef Scott Bollman developed his own version of the “over-hyped” Cronut. The Sconut is made with layered scone dough with raisins and fried like a donut then topped with a sweet glaze.

“I was poking fun at the Cronut,” Mr. Bollman said. “It wasn’t my intention to start this new thing, but it snowballed into its own craze.”

Mr. Bollman said the he sells out of Sconuts everyday.

Bruce’s Cafe & Cheese Emporium is located at 208 Main Street in Greenport.