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Suffolk Theater in Riverhead
KATHARINE SCHROEDER PHOTO | The Suffolk Theater’s grand re-opening night.

In fact, the “Back to the ’30s” cocktail party, which commemorated the recently renovated and reopened theater’s 1933 opening, was such a success that theater owners Bob and Dianne Castaldi are considering making it an annual event.

“I’m delighted. The overall feel and enthusiasm we’ve been able to create here is remarkable,” Mr. Castaldi said of the event’s outcome and ticket tallies.

“It will certainly be a event that will go down in history,” he said.

Tickets sold for $125 apiece for the party, which featured 1930s-style decor inside and out, and period costumes for staffers and attendees alike.

While there was plenty of seating, the event at its peak was standing room only, theater officials said.

Mr. Castaldi said he hopes to make the 30s party an annual anniversary event.