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Grant Parpan is the content director for Times Review Partners, a division of Times Review Media Group in Mattituck. Grant joined the Times Review staff in 2006 as a reporter and has covered nearly every beat in the newsroom. He currently writes about lifestyle and business content, including writing about the North Fork food, wine and arts scenes for Grant began his career in 2003 as a reporter and editor at The Signal, a daily newspaper in Santa Clarita, California. In his career, he has won dozens of awards from the New York Press Association, the Associated Press, the National Newspaper Association and the Press Club of Long Island.

08/29/18 6:10am

A bayman’s life is loaded with photographable moments.

You’re up to see the sunrise most mornings. Sea gulls land on the bow of your boat. The water surrounds you.

For Greenport’s Chris Hamilton, this all became apparent as he worked alongside his father, Captain Bob Hamilton of the Jeremy H.  (more…)

08/24/18 5:55am

The cover of the September issue photographed by David Benthal.

Originally conceptualized as a special section of The Suffolk Times, “The Working Waterfront” was the brainchild of Times Review Media Group executive editor Steve Wick, who also wrote the cover story on Captain Mark Phillips of Greenport.

Wick’s reason for wanting to cover this topic was simple: The North Fork’s history is deeply tied to the waters that surround it. And unlike agriculture, which has been forced to adapt throughout the years but continues to be a major industry here, the number of people making their living on the water has dropped off tremendously in recent decades. (more…)

08/23/18 6:10am

Grindstone Doughnuts will be among the places featured in the first Off the Fork Sunday. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

Every so often, my wife and I will have a meal or spend a day some place else and find ourselves saying, “This feels like the North Fork.”

Non-words like northforkery and northforkerish have become a part of my vocabulary since we launched this publication five years ago.

Occasionally, we’ll even have a northforkery meal in a northforkerish place and I’ll say, I wish we could write about this.  (more…)

08/09/18 6:10am

Artist Emma Ballou paints the east side of Grace & Grit in Southold. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

How do you beat this current heat wave on the North Fork? If you’re artist Emma Ballou, you don’t.

You may have noticed the Eastport artist’s mural work popping up in Southold, where she was commissioned to paint at North Fork Roasting Co. and Grace and Grit.  (more…)

08/04/18 6:10am

Bib and Jaime Mills on board Jamie’s boat in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal)

Hanging on the wall in Jamie Mills’ Greenport office is a piece of paper with two options for a slogan billing Wm. J. Mills & Co. as America’s oldest family owned and operated sailmaker.

Mills peers over the two choices, which feature very subtle differences, and can’t quite seem to decide.

“I think I like option A,” he says.

His brother Bob, seated across from him, cracks a wry smile.

“Funny, I think I like option B,” he says with a chuckle.  (more…)