09/07/18 6:05am

Stepping onto a dock, it’s easy to overlook the carefully laid wood under foot. For many, a dock is simply something you walk on to board a boat for an afternoon on the water.

Ian Crowley sees it differently, though. He’s worked in the North Fork dockbuilding industry since he was 18 and founded his own company, Crowley Marine Contracting, more than two decades ago.  (more…)

09/03/18 6:10am

Even after spending a full day at Braun Seafood Co., general manager Keith Reda’s work isn’t always done.

Every Tuesday just before midnight, he heads back to company headquarters in Cutchogue, starts up the large refrigerated truck and makes his way to the New Fulton Fish Market at Hunts Point, arriving long before rush hour.  (more…)

08/29/18 6:10am

A bayman’s life is loaded with photographable moments.

You’re up to see the sunrise most mornings. Sea gulls land on the bow of your boat. The water surrounds you.

For Greenport’s Chris Hamilton, this all became apparent as he worked alongside his father, Captain Bob Hamilton of the Jeremy H.  (more…)

08/27/18 5:58am

Peter, left, and Andrew Rowsom outside Preston’s Chandlery in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal)

Andrew Rowsom recalls working at Preston’s Chandlery with his father, George, during high school and college. He’d help customers find shoes made for boating and pick out the perfect beach read. After graduating from New York Institute of Technology he figured he’d branch out — at least for a while. He was poised to take a marketing gig in New York and move to Manhattan. But as he envisioned life in the big city, he kept asking himself the same question:

“OK, how am I going to spend more time in Greenport? So I figured I’d just stay in Greenport,” Rowsom recalled.  (more…)

08/24/18 6:10am

Inside the massive hangar near Founders Landing in Southold, a 97-year-old Fife gaff cutter named Clio is secured high off the ground. At the yacht’s stern, three workers carefully maneuver a long wooden plank into position near its bottom. The plank must bend just perfectly to form to the yacht’s angle. On an initial attempt, the fit was too tight, forcing the workers to hammer it out so it could be repositioned.

“These things have to be perfect fits,” said Donn Costanzo, co-owner of Wooden Boatworks in Greenport, which is restoring the yacht.  (more…)