03/01/19 5:30am

Karen Rivara at Whiskey Wind Tavern in Greenport.

It’s the first day of winter.

Many farmers have let out a sigh of relief after another grueling season. Perhaps they’ve put away the equipment, their sights set on warmer weather.

Not Karen Rivara. (more…)

12/06/17 6:01am

About three years ago, Dave Daly and Ben Gonzalez decided to leave their life in Manhattan behind and move to the North Fork full-time to start a new business together.

They had a love of oysters and knew the North Fork was the ideal location for aquaculture. They founded Southold Bay Oysters in 2015 and this year was their first commercial harvest.

“Our harvest was fantastic,” Mr. Gonzalez said. “I’m proud of the work we’ve done with year.”  (more…)

10/11/17 6:02am

How many oysters could you eat in two hours? (Credit: David Benthal for northforker)

Bottomless oysters are one way to make a happy hour (or two).

Peter Stein, who owns an oyster farm in Little Peconic Bay, is now offering two-hour sunset tours and tastings aboard his oyster barge “La Perla.” And the best part? Fresh, all-you-can-eat oysters. (more…)

10/20/16 5:21pm

Almost 2,500 oysters were consumed this past weekend at the Shelter Island Historical Society’s third annual Oyster Festival. About 250 guests filled up Haven’s Barn on Saturday night to enjoy live music, a raffle, wine and food.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” Nanette Lawrenson, the executive director of the historical society said. (more…)

04/09/16 6:02am
Baked oysters with aioli. (Credit: John Ross)

Baked oysters with aioli. (Credit: John Ross)

According to Greenport oyster farmer Mike Osinski, there is a movement afoot to have restaurants recycle their oyster shells into making jetties in the bay, right back in their natural habitat.

Mr. Osinski and his wife, Isobel, own and operate Widow’s Hole Oysters in Greenport. They are growing and harvesting oysters that are over 3 years old, resulting in very large oysters with big, juicy meats inside. When cooked with various accompaniments, these oysters can be served as entrées and eaten with a knife and fork instead of just being slurped down. Here are some suggestions on how to prepare these delicious shellfish. (more…)

11/28/15 1:14pm
Panko-breaded oysters with avocado wasabi sauce. (Credit: John Ross)

Panko-breaded oysters with avocado wasabi sauce. (Credit: John Ross)

Our shells clacked on the plates. My tongue was a filling estuary, My palate hung with starlight: As I tasted the salty Pleiades Orion dipped his foot into the water. Alive and violated They lay on their beds of ice: Bivalves: the split bulb And philandering sigh of ocean. Millions of them ripped and shucked and scattered. We had driven to that coast Through flowers and limestone And there we were, toasting friendship, Laying down a perfect memory In the cool of thatch and crockery.    

Excerpt from ‘Oysters’ by Seamus Heaney    

We don’t know a lot about that first harvest celebration in 1621. We know that the Pilgrims shared their first harvest bounty with the Wampanoag Indians and Governor William Bradford was present at the feast. We know they ate deer and wildfowl, probably including wild turkeys. But we are certain that they were shown by the Native Americans how to eat clams, mussels, eel and, especially, oysters.     (more…)