03/09/19 6:00am

Photographer David Benthal captures artist Kara Hoblin at the beach.

For someone who works in a medium as ephemeral as chalk, Kara Hoblin definitely leaves a permanent impression. Not only is she one of the North Fork’s most visible artists (you can spot her standing on a restaurant bar creating one of her signature public chalk installations), but she’s also known as a major connector — creating a tight-knit community of artists and the public.  (more…)

11/13/18 6:16pm

It’s hard to go out anywhere on the North Fork these days without admiring the work of chalk artist Kara Hoblin. The founder of the North Fork Art Collective has designed signs and menu boards for many restaurants and wineries that are certain to capture your attention when you’re in their presence. (more…)

08/14/18 6:10am

Diners enjoy the North Fork Art Collective’s second Palette to Palate dinner at Bruce & Son in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal)

It’s a rare dinner party where I get to indulge in my two favorite things: food and art (well, three if you count the wine, but that’s a bit of a given here on the North Fork, isn’t it?). That’s exactly what transpired at the recent Palette to Palate dinner, organized by Kara Hoblin, founder of the North Fork Art Collective and curator of the event.  (more…)

05/12/18 6:00am

The three business partners —Lousia and Devin Hardman along side Kate McDowell — at the Kate’s Cheese Co. countertop. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

Kate’s Cheese Company is celebrating its grand opening this weekend with a selection of craft beer, local wine and 40 cheeses to sample.

Expect gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and an array of charcuterie boards on the menu along with cheese for purchase. (more…)

08/17/17 4:31pm

Artists Kelly Franké, Madison Fender and Kara Hoblin peer over instant photographs at the North Fork Art Collective in Greenport. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

In the brand new North Fork Art Collective, seven local artists have banded together to make a working art space right in Greenport’s downtown. There the photographers, painters and collage makers will have a place to create, collaborate and present their work to the world.

East End artists Kara Hoblin, Madison Fender, Jeremy Garretson, Emma Ballou, Peter Treiber, Scott Bluedorn and Kelly Franké are the collective’s founding members.

“It gives us a space to come and create, as well as display our work,” said Hoblin, whose chalk work you’ve likely seen on the walls of local shops and restaurants. “The whole goal is to remind tourists and the town and the community that there are a lot of artists here. We’re here and we’re taking our art seriously.” (more…)