08/10/19 6:00am

Let’s raise a glass to the Long Island wine region.

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation awarded several North Fork vineyards at the 34th annual New York Wine Classic held upstate earlier this week. The statewide competition is one of the non-profit wine foundation’s largest annual events, honoring the best of New York wines.

This year’s competition included 883 entries from 113 wineries from across the state. (more…)

04/28/19 5:55am
Northport’s only vineyard opened in November. (Credit: Del Vino Vineyards)

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If a Tuscan vineyard vacation isn’t in the cards this spring, a visit to Del Vino Vineyards in Northport is the next best thing. 

A two-story, 3,000-square-foot tasting room with intricate stonework reminiscent of an Italian villa helps transport patrons to the old world wine region, which inspired Del Vino’s ambience and winemaking process. Owners Fred and Lisa Giachetti drew upon their Italian heritage for the winery long before the first rows of vines were planted.

04/20/19 6:00am

We asked Long Island’s wineries to tell us about the history of their vineyards, the wine they make and what makes their tasting room a unique place to visit. Read up on the wineries to plan your next stop along the Long Island wine trail.

This guide features write-ups on most Long Island tasting rooms and includes important information like the varieties of grapes grown and hours of operation. (more…)

03/16/19 6:00am

As someone who writes about not only New York wine but also wine grown up and down the Eastern Seaboard — and even the Midwest — I’ve been thinking a lot about diversity lately.

Diversity takes many forms in the wine world. You have the grapes themselves, of course, and not just different varieties like merlot or chardonnay. There are different clones within each variety as well. Maybe we’ll talk clones in detail in an upcoming column, but you can think of a clone as a version of a grape variety that has specific characteristics. (more…)

02/23/19 6:01am

Pindar Vineyards will be selling its Winter White and Summer Blush in cans starting this spring. (Credit: Pindar Vineyards)

Pindar Vineyards in Peconic is releasing its two most popular vintages — Winter White and Summer Blush — in canned form this spring. Co-owner and Director of Vineyard Management, Pindar Damianos, said the winery started experimenting with alternative packaging last summer, shortly after veteran Long Island winemaker Erik Bilka joined the team. (more…)

01/06/19 5:53am

The 1770 House’s tavern dining room. (Credit: John Musnicki)

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Featuring a diverse range of local, national and international vintages, many South Fork restaurants are as well regarded for their outstanding wine lists as they are for their dining. Whether pouring white or red, these five Hamptons restaurants have an extensive selection to suit every dish. (more…)