11/09/19 6:00am

Caramel apple walnut pie from Bayview Farms & Market in Aquebogue

The season for pie is upon us and we at northforker couldn’t be more excited.

Whether it’s your favorite North Fork souvenir to take home or your go-to hostess gift, you can never go wrong with picking up a pie from one of your favorite farm stands. READ

06/12/19 6:00am

If you’re only looking for a sprig of parsley, instead a whole bunch, Country View Farm Stand in Southold is now offering “U-cut” herbs.

The family-run farm stand is offering fresh basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, tarragon, mint, rosemary and chives. Patrons can grab a pair of scissors and snip their desired amount from potted plants in front of the farm stand.  (more…)