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Caramel apple walnut pie from Bayview Farms & Market

The season for pie is upon us and we at northforker couldn’t be more excited.

Whether it’s your favorite North Fork souvenir to take home or your go-to hostess gift, you can never go wrong with picking up a pie from one of your favorite farm stands.

But let’s face it, the pie options of the North Fork can be overwhelming to choose from, lucky for you northforker staffers are very serious about pie and have chosen their favorites to help guide you to the most delicious North Fork pies of all.

Caramel Apple Walnut from Bayview Farm and Market

“It’s sweet and salty and crunchy and everything you want your pie to be. I’ve eaten a lot of pie on the North Fork and this one is definitely my absolute favorite, believe me.”

Bayview Farms & Market is located at 891 Main Road in Aquebogue.

Michelina Da Fonte, Associate content director

Caramel Apple Walnut from Country View Farm Stand

“The pie of choice at our house, not only for the holidays, is the Caramel Apple Walnut Pie from Country View Farm Stand in Southold. We enjoy all things caramel and having it incorporated with the apples and walnuts gives the pie such a delicious flavor and texture. All of our guests love it and expect to see it on the dessert table when visiting!”

Country View Farm Stand is located at 57995 Main Road in Southold.

Jill Johnson, Copy Editor

Peach Raspberry Crumb from Country View Farm Stand

“By far my favorite combination of fruit and their crust really holds up well, no soggy crust here! If I’m feeling extra fancy, I’ll put a scoop of peach ice cream from Magic Fountain on a warmed up slice to make it a al mode.”

Country View Farm Stand is located at 57995 Main Road in Southold.

Kaitlyn Burke, Sales and marketing assistant

Any pie that includes berries from Country View Farm Stand

“It’s pie, must I say more?!”

Country View Farm Stand is located at 57995 Main Road in Southold.

Cerria Orientale Torres, Production manager

Pumpkin Pie from Orient Country Store

“What can I say? I’m a pie traditionalist. I don’t need chocolate and caramel and berry hybrids in my pie. [Co-owner] Miriam [Foster] baked one of these for [the above] video segment last year and I took down half of it myself.”

Orient Country Store is located at 950 Village Lane in Orient.

Grant Parpan, Content director

Sinful Pie from Hallock’s Cider Mill

“It’s the BEST pie you’ll ever have, hands down. I can’t honestly even tell you what’s in it. Some kind of combination of chocolate, cream, toasted coconut and magic. I may have to go get one right now.”

Hallock’s Cider Mill is located at 1960 Main Road in Laurel.

Michael Vee, Jack-of-all-trades

“It’s a cold pie with a cream filling, toasted coconut, pecan, and caramel topping. And with a name like “sinful” do I need to say more?”

Hallock’s Cider Mill is located at 1960 Main Road in Laurel.

Debbie Schultz, Sales executive

Raspberry Cream from Briermere Farms

“I am not a big pie person, but I really love this one because of all the layers of deliciousness. Warning: Sweet tooth required.”

Briermere Farms is located at 4414 Sound Avenue in Riverhead.

Sonja Reinholt Derr, Director of sales and marketing

Peach Pie with oat crumb topping from D’Latte Cafe

“It’s a delicious slice of pie, with a light bottom crust, sweet peaches topped with a savory oat crumb — only made better when paired with their homemade gelato!”

D’Latte Cafe is located at 218 Main Street in Greenport.

Tina Contento, Sales executive