06/19/17 6:03am

Lighting by the North Fork-based Vintage Illumination Company at the Bedell Cellars’ Tap Room at Corey Creek. (Credit: David Benthal photos)

We recently toured the revamped Bedell Cellars Tap Room at Corey Creek and fell in love with the new style. Designed with White Flower Farmhouse owner Lori Guyer, the new space features bright colors, reclaimed furniture and lots of North Fork specific décor.

With rosé on tap, charging stations and a lush yard perfect for yard games, we kinda don’t want to ever leave.  OK, so you can’t live at Corey Creek, but you can recreate the style in your home. We caught up with Guyer to talk about how to incorporate some of these touches in your personal space. (more…)

07/21/14 11:00am
Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck offers a $15 dinner and a drink special on Monday nights.

Love Lane Kitchen in Mattituck offers a $15 dinner-and-a-drink special on Monday nights.

You might have made it through another Monday, but you just can’t muster up the energy to go home and grill up that defrosted chicken.

We know, we’ve been there. (more…)