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Bridget Shirvell

03/03/19 5:50am

NoaMar Markets will excite lovers of Spanish flavors. (Credit: Greater Long Island)

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As much as we love dining out, nothing beats a cozy night in. Whether you’re new to the kitchen game, resolving to cook more or just need some inspiration, Long Island is full of speciality markets that will get you excited to fire up the stove. From old-school neighborhood markets to stores selling imported goods, you don’t need to travel far to find all the elements of an inspired meal. (more…)

03/03/19 5:49am

7th Avenue and 1st Street in Park Slope. (Credit: WikiMedia; Jared Kofsky/

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Charming tree-lined streets, brownstones that are the very definition of #housegoals, plus delicious eats and chic boutiques wrapped up in an idyllic atmosphere Park Slope is arguably Brooklyn’s dreamiest enclave. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your besties, your family or a date itinerary with your sweetie, Park Slope has plenty to offer. Hop in the car or take the LIRR to Atlantic Terminal and follow our guide to have the perfect day in Park Slope. (more…)

03/02/19 8:01am

Carolyn Iannone was a manager at Love Lane Kitchen before buying the popular Mattituck restaurant seven years ago. (Credit: David Benthal)

As much as Love Lane Kitchen is a dining destination, it’s also a feeling — one exquisitely cultivated by owner Carolyn Iannone. But she doesn’t think she deserves the credit.  (more…)

09/27/18 6:10am

Hemp grown at Satur Farms in Cutchogue. (Credit: David Benthal)

Something a little different is sprouting up among the greens and herbs at Satur Farms in Cutchogue: baby leaf hemp.

Satur Farms in Cutchogue, known for its delicate wholesale greens that are a favorite among New York chefs and home cooks alike, is one of a handful of farms in New York State growing the plant, which some hope will become a leading crop for the region.  (more…)

09/09/18 5:55am

NoaMar Markets will excite lovers of Spanish flavors. (Credit: Greater Long Island)

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Summer travel season is coming to an end (sniff), but if you’ve got a case of wanderlust, the Island has the cure.

From southern barbecue to traditional Italian cannolis to authentic dumplings, it is possible to eat your way around the world without leaving Long Island.

All you need to pack is an adventurous appetite. (more…)

09/04/18 6:07am

Capt. Andrew Derr at Gull Pond in Greenport. (Credit: David Benthal)

The flat skiff hugs the Long Island shoreline, its humming engine breaking the quiet of the early morning before going silent as the boat reaches shallow water. It’s so shallow, you’re tempted to reach out a hand and see if you can touch the bottom, except you’d likely scare away the fish.

Standing on the platform of the skiff, Captain Andrew Derr guides the boat stealthily through the currents with a pole while searching for striped bass. (more…)