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Evan Bucholz of Brix & Rye in Greenport. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

It’s a neat trick for any hospitality haunt to feel both freshly innovative and classically timeless. But Greenport’s Brix & Rye isn’t any old bar. 

Late in the summer of 2014, word began to spread about a promising new subterranean spot in the heart of Greenport, where classic cocktails, cheekily innovative libations and great pizza were the order the day. Brix & Rye quickly became the standard by which other East End drink programs would be measured and it has maintained its place at the top of the local bar scene for 10 years. 

Listen to “Sugar, Spice & Ice: Greenport’s Brix & Rye Turns 10 Years Old” by Brett Moskowitz on the latest episode of Northforker Stories.