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Chris Dowling of One Love in Greenport. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

In 2013, Chris Dowling was in need of a life change. An experienced boat captain for hire, his job often took him far from home, which left him craving a life change — one that afforded him more time with both his wife, Blake, and their two sons.  

“I grew up in Sag Harbor during a time when it was still very much a blue-collar town and [I] watched it change,” he explains. “Greenport reminded me a lot of the Sag Harbor of my youth. I wanted my sons to grow up in a place where they could ride their bikes or walk anywhere they wanted to, so we decided to bring a store to Greenport.”

Ten years later, the Dowlings’ store, One Love, is a year-round staple in the village. Their inventory of cool, beach-influenced clothing, sunglasses and gear, includes everything and anything you’d need for a day on the shore, including Yeti Coolers, Bluetooth speakers, lawn games, books, ukuleles, paddle boards for rent or for sale and much more. The shop also branched out to Port of Egypt Marina down the road, where they have a summer-exclusive location to serve the boat-bound in the sunnier months. 

These are a few of Chris Dowling’s favorite North Fork things: 

Favorite place to paddle board

I don’t want to give away all the secrets, but we love Richmond Creek at the end of South Harbor Drive and Goose Creek in Southold. Those are two awesome spots that are a lot of fun. 

Favorite old-school North Fork business

So many have changed hands over the years. Preston’s Chandlery is one of the only places left that’s still owned and operated by the same family. I like seeing families that have been able to hold on out here for as long as possible. 

Favorite place to go for raw bar

Oh, Little Creek, without a doubt. Ian and Rosie have been friends with us since we first opened. Their whole vibe is warm and welcoming. They’re an example of what I wish we’d see more of on the North Fork; people coming out here and instead of trying to make it something it isn’t. They simply embrace what the North Fork has to offer.  

Favorite marina

Port of Egypt. They’re welcoming and they’ve been there for a long time and there’s a good family atmosphere there.

Favorite place to go grocery shopping

I get my quick items from the IGA right here in Greenport. That’s the most convenient for me. For fresh stuff, we hit a lot of the farm stands like Latham’s or Browder’s. We also stop at The Market for natural foods. 

Favorite place to get a special gift (that’s not your store!)

Common Ground. Alexa and Susan do such amazing work, it’s fantastic and a beautiful spot. 

Favorite fishmonger

I like Peconic Gold and the Southold Fish Market. 

Favorite place to go on your day off

Sailing on my boat. We sail around Shelter Island or anchor off in Orient Harbor for the day.