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The Falussy family from left, Brittany, Big Al and Travis, new proprietors of Big Al’s Bait and Tackle at Warren’s Center, in Aquebogue, former home of Warren’s Tackle Center. (Photo credit: Angela Colangelo)

I really like the people I work with at Times Review Media. We’re a scrappy, lean group, but even within this small pool of people, I am always so tickled by how interesting, smart and creative everyone on this crew is, even the quiet ones. Maybe especially the quiet ones.

Case in point: Angela Colangelo is one of the newer staff members — whip smart and always fun to talk to, but not a boisterous, “look at me!” kind of person. When I first took on the Northforker in November and was trying to fill the digital days with new story ideas, our executive editor, Brendan O’Connor, said to me one week when I needed to fill a hole in the schedule, oh hey, Angela has a good story idea you might like about Warren’s Tackle shop in Aquebogue and its new ownersand by the way, she knows everything about fishing.

The business alone piqued my interest (driven past it a zillion times and have always been curious about the place), and the story about Al Falussy and his sweet family who want to lure other families back to fishing is indeed a lovely read. But the bonus? Turns out Angela is our staff’s secret encyclopedia of fishing knowledge, having spent a bunch of years working for a niche fishing magazine. You just never know who’s sitting next to you.

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