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White Flower Root Cellar’s December pop-up features vintage clothes, books and albums. (Photo credit: Bianca Munguia-Howie)

One of the things I love about the East End is how small businesses don’t just thrive, they often spur on and help each other out. As the daughter of a small business owner on Shelter Island, I saw up close how my dad and his friends would give each other a hand when it was needed, and that really stayed with me. It formed not just deeper connections with each other, but built community on the whole, too.

It was incredibly meaningful to both Bianca Munguia-Howie of All Hours NY vintage wares and Nick Amara of Forked Road Press, the collectible book and vinyl record purveyor, to be able to use the subterranean space at Nathanial Savage’s Root Cellar at White Flower.

Both of these locals have started their fledgling businesses mostly online, so to be able to connect with people in real life was a gift that Savage fully knows the value of. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else happens in the Root Cellar in 2024 (and how Munguia-Howie and Amara’s businesses will grow and change!).

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