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A profile on North Fork Sea Salt was among our staff’s favorite stories of 2020. (Credit: David Benthal)

Let’s be clear, we are really excited it’s 2021.

For many this will be the year of the vaccine and the likely end to a prolonged lockdown we simply didn’t see coming.

Of course that also means more time spent out and about on the North Fork. More time with friends. More happiness.

But when we looked back at the past year to compile our Year in Review content, we came across many features and posts that we enjoyed writing in 2020.

We were reminded that through all the tumult there was also some joy to be had and to share.

Here are some of the favorite stories of the year selected by members of our staff.

(Credit: David Benthal)

“I (along with many of our readers) loved Cailin Riley’s profile of fisherman Jermaine Owens and his boat-to-door delivery service, North Fork Seafood. An inspiring example of entrepreneurship in this pandemic year.”

Sara Austin, Editorial Director

(Credit: Tara Smith)

“In an extremely trying year I found each of the stories about how North Fork restaurants were adapting, with so many of them offering delivery and/or curbside pickup as well as the major expansions in outdoor dining, to be such a glimmer of hope. Even though they were faced with huge challenges and obstacles, restaurants were able to flex and find ways to adapt and it was truly inspiring and made me eager to support them even more.”

Michelina Da Fonte, Associate Content Director

(Credit: David Benthal)

“I tend to get in a rut so I loved a reminder of all the other great places to explore with our guide to taking a stroll on the North Fork! We are so incredibly lucky to live here.”

Cerria Torres, Advertising Sales and Production Manager

(Credit: Felicia LaLomia)

“I love Buffalo wings and have always been on the hunt for all the best wings on the North Fork. Hearing what our readers suggested and what Grant and Felicia ordered gave me a big craving for wings and a long list of places I normally wouldn’t think to order from!”

Kaitlyn Burke, Sales Assistant

(Credit: David Benthal)

“My favorite story to write this year was definitely “The friends behind North Fork Sea Salt use old-world French technique to harvest local water.” How salt is made isn’t really something I think most people give any thought to. So getting a sneak peek into how Dennis Borowsky and Scott Bollman of North Fork Sea Salt do it and learning about how sea salt gets its flavor and texture was amazing.”

Felicia LaLomia, Reporter

(Credit: Felicia LaLomia)

“The North Fork is one of those places where old-timey professions still exist. There’s the cobbler in Riverhead, a blacksmith and Greenport. And now we have a milkman. I mean, that’s the very career path used to poke fun at jobs that don’t exist anymore. Amazing.”

Grant Parpan, Content Director