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The Little Ram Oyster Automat provides farm-fresh oysters every day of the week. (Photo credit: Lilly Parnell)

When I first heard that Little Ram was going to offer a selection of their oysters via a vending machine, I admit I was a bit skeptical yet intrigued by the concept.

By the time the story was published, I was convinced that the idea of having access to farm-fresh oysters 24/7 was one of the most innovative concepts of the entire year.

Stefanie Bassett and Elizabeth Peeples were first introduced to an oyster automat by Ralph Corsini, of Ockers Oysters on the South Fork at a Long Island Oyster Growers Association (LIOGA) meeting the year prior. The idea was to imitate the early 20th-century dining trend that saw simple food and drink served at restaurants via vending machines rather than waitstaff.

The Oyster Automat stays permanently cooled between 36 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit — the ideal temperature for keeping oysters fresh and safe to eat. If the machine reaches 40 degrees or over, it automatically shuts itself down until maintenance can fix the issue. 

The products constantly rotate within the vending machine to ensure nothing sits in direct sunlight. The items for sale will also be swapped out often, giving patrons the option to try something new every time they visit. 

Bags of 25 oysters are for sale in the vending machine for $35. (Photo credit: Lilly Parnell)

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