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Suhru Wines is the first winery in the region to create a standalone wine from La Crescent, a new hybrid grape variety.(Photo credit: Victoria Caruso)

I love the North Fork because of the endless amount of wine to try. Not only have vineyards out East revolutionized the way European grapes are grown and used in a maritime climate, but there is a vast amount of experimentation with new grape varieties.

I was delighted when reporter Victoria Caruso invited me to join her at Suhru to try their new La Crescent wine at their tasting room in Cutchouge. The first of its kind on Long Island, this citrusy and crisp white wine soon became my favorite summer drink.

This wine was also the debut vintage of assistant winemaker Brad Ulrich, who wanted to use a grape variety that withstood the warming climate and changing ecosystem of the North Fork.

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