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VinePair, the largest digital media platform for wine, beer, and spirits, recently awarded Bedell Cellars an outstanding 92 points for their 2021 Pinot Gris, adding the wine to their esteemed list of “Best Pinot Grigios for 2023.” 

Bedell Cellars, located off of Main Rd. in Cutchouge, has scored 90 points or higher for more than 40 of their wines throughout the last 15 years. However, this is the first award bestowed upon their 2021 Pinot Gris. 

Bedell Cellars’ 2021 Pinot Gris is one of VinePair’s “Best Pinot Grigios for 2023” (Courtesy Photo)

Bedell is a certified sustainable, family-owned estate, making some of the most critically acclaimed wines on the North Fork of Long Island. Bedell Cellars is one of the only vineyards in the world that ferments its wine with 100% naturally occurring indigenous yeast. They have fermented over 50 small batches of wine throughout the past 30 years and all of their wines are hand-crafted on their estate. 

“A 90-point score is perceived as a mark of quality and excellence in the world of wine,” said Bedell’s winemaker Richard Olsen-Harbich. “It signifies that wine critics have tasted and assessed the wine very positively, [and] that it meets a world-class standard of taste and craftsmanship.”

This particular wine is made utilizing vines planted in 2016. The Pinot Gris is crisp and light, yet boasts a medium to full body with a luscious, almost silky mouthfeel that caresses the palate. Notes of ripe yellow apples, juicy pears, and honeyed apricots immediately greet the senses upon the first sip. 

“These fruity elements are beautifully balanced by a refreshing acidity and saline minerality that imparts a lively, zesty character to the wine,” said Olsen-Harbich. “Mid-palate, you’ll notice a subtle touch of almond and hazelnut, adding an inviting nuttiness to the profile. The wine finishes elegantly with a gentle, lingering sweetness that is well-integrated, leaving a harmonious and lasting impression.” 

Bedell Cellars is proud to receive such high marks for their wines, as it validates the region and the level of quality of the wines produced on the North Fork. 

“There aren’t too many Pinot Gris wines produced on the North Fork, so this wine is much different from other domestically produced wines from this variety,” said Olsen-Harbich. “Our cool, maritime climate provides low alcohol, fresh aromatics, and a unique saline minerality to all our wines which sets them apart from others produced around the world. We hope that this recognition can lead to increased visibility and reputation for both the winery and our wines.”

Purchase the wine for yourself at their tasting room or online.