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The Lobster and Corn Fritters from The Dimon Estate are paired with a tomato jam and Old Bay aioli. (Photo Credit: Conor Harrigan)

There aren’t many types of produce that encompass summertime quite like sweet corn does. With corn season is in full swing and there is plenty of it available throughout North Fork restaurants and farm stands. Whether it is paired with another late summer staple like peaches or tomatoes, baked into a sweet bread, or deep fried – we’ve found five outside-the-box dishes where corn is the star of the show. 

Peaches & Corn | Anker, Greenport

This small plate combines some of the best produce from the dog days of summer. Local peaches are mixed with sweet summer corn, seasoned with sage and savory, and topped with a light and airy corn husk mousse. The delicate mousse compliments the buttery undertones of the corn and the sweetness of the ripe peaches without overwhelming either. You can find this on Anker’s summer menu for $20 and view their full menu here. Anker is located at 47 Front St, Greenport. 

Lobster and Corn Fritters | The Dimon Estate, Jamesport

These lobster and corn fritters are a delicious and sharable way to kick off your meal at the Dimon Estate. The deep-fried bites are served with homemade tomato jam straight from the garden and a salty-sweet Old Bay aioli. This dish is $18 and is a bucket list item for sure. View the Dimon Estate is located at 370 Manor Ln, Jamesport and you can view their full menu here

Baked-to-order cornbread | Little Fish, Southold

Like most of the menu at Little Fish, this baked-to-order cornbread is not to be missed. The four fish-shaped cornbreads are reminiscent of the Japanese Taiyaki, fish-shaped cakes commonly filled with red bean paste or ice cream. While these are not stuffed, the bright yellow breads are served directly out of the oven and are the perfect complement to the Hot Honey Ribs or the Blackened Fish MonTacos. This side is $8 and includes four pieces. Little Fish is located at 50 N Sea Dr, Southold and you can view their full menu here

Country View Farm Sweet Corn Soup | The Frisky Oyster, Greenport

Corn chowder is a classic way to warm yourself up during those chilly late summer evenings and into the fall season. The sweet corn soup from The Frisky Oyster is a delectable balancing act of sweet and earthy flavors. Made with corn sourced from Country View Farm in Southold, the soup is topped with a white truffle foam – adding a garlicky and peppery tang to the dish. This dish costs $16. Check out the full menu here or stop in at 27 Front Street, Greenport.  

Corn Tempura | North Fork Table & Inn, Southold

The bar space at North Fork Table & Inn is a great way to try the creations of Chef John Fraser and his team without sitting for a three or four-course meal, and under the snack section is a hidden gem – their corn tempura. Impossibly creamy and simultaneously crunchy, these Asian-inspired bites are topped with flowers from KK’s The Farm. The nori and wakame seasoning create a briny, umami taste that is unlike anything else on their menu. The corn tempura is stacked high and is perfect for sharing. Priced at $18 per plate. View the whole bar menu here and dine at North Fork Table & Inn, which is located at 57225 Main Rd, Southold.