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Photo Credit: Victoria Caruso

Along Main Road in Mattituck sits Magic Fountain, a popular ice cream shop whose ice cream is so addictive, you’ll find customers waiting in long lines that wrap around its storefront year-round.

The ice cream shop, which started off as a Dairy Queen in the ’60s, has been under the ownership of Choudry Ali since 2007. It’s known for serving up a wide range of creative flavors, from staples like black cherry bourbon to seasonal specials like olive oil and banana butter finger.

Beyond the standard cup or cone offerings, Magic Fountain also sells both pre-made and custom-made ice cream cakes. One of their signature offerings is a vanilla and chocolate ice cream cake with crunchies, layers of icing, Oreos and a chocolate drizzle.

Maryanne Seyfried is a skilled cake decorator and has been working at the shop for seven years. Spend a minute with her behind the scenes as she decorates a traditional Oreo-style cake.