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VSOP Projects’ new space, “Very Special,” will open June 10. (Credit: Courtesy VSOP Projects)

Something new and creative is coming to 200 Main Street, Greenport.

VSOP Projects will soon inhabit the vacant space, which previously housed Sweet Indulgences. The space, which will be called “Very Special,” will be filled with works by an array of artists from all over the world. The studio marks the second location of VSOP Projects, which will also continue to operate 311 Front Street. 

VSOP Projects owner Jonathan Weiskopf has been busy cleaning up the building and is gearing up for the first show in the new gallery, “REPRISE.”

“It’s nerve-wracking and mostly exciting,” said Weiskopf, who noted that the expansion opportunity happened very quickly. “Sweet Indulgences was a beloved business and vital corner in the village. And the mayor [Kevin Stuessi] told me that the folks in town are just as excited about the garden [outside the building] being cared for as they are about what’s happening inside the space.”

“REPRISE” will feature works and special projects by friends of and artists represented by the gallery, including Kelly Adelia, Line Busch, Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao (known collectively as CHIAOZZA), Naomi Clark, Louise Crandell, Charley Friedman, Nancy Friedemann Sánchez, Garance, Thea Gregorius, Rainer Gross, Thomas Halaczinsky, Morgan R. Hobbs, Justin Horne, Jessica Frances Grégoire Lancaster, Emma Larsson, Lisa Levy, Kate Rasche, Caroline Rothstein, Arden Scott, Masato Shigemori, Eric Stefanski, Peter Treiber Jr., Katie Walker and Devin Yalkin.

Weiskopf is excited for the opportunity to expand VSOP Projects. “311 Front Street is about 50 yards from where folks that are strolling the village turn themselves around and pass it by,” he said. “This is going to be an opportunity for a great deal more visibility for the artists.”  

Weiskopf intends to keep both spaces open for the summer and into the fall and winter, as well.

Very Special is currently being prepped for its opening and first show. (Credit: Courtesy VSOP Projects)

See a preview of REPRISE on June 10 and 11 before the grand opening reception on Saturday, June 17 from 6–8 p.m. Very Special is located at 200 Main Street, Greenport.