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(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Summer cherries have arrived on the North Fork and are available at Wickham’s Fruit Farm in Cutchogue.

Celebrating an abundant harvest, the farm is offering two varieties of sweet cherries this year — dark mahogany bing cherries and blush cherries, aptly named after the fruit’s light yellow flesh that blushes with a hint of red. 

Wickham’s Fruit Farm also offers tart cherries, perfect for crafting delectable jams, fresh fruit pies and other culinary creations. 

Growing cherries can be a difficult task, as they are known to be finicky in challenging weather conditions. Excessive rainfall can lead to cracks and premature rotting, jeopardizing the precious harvest. To safeguard against this, Wickham’s Fruit Farm has employed the use of hoop houses to shield a portion of their cherries from the elements.

The cherry harvest season is short on the North Fork, typically lasting around two weeks. During this brief period, Wickham’s Fruit Farm invites customers to partake in the experience picking the fruit with their own hands. 

Relish the moment and spend a minute with us among the cherry trees as we handpick some of the final cherries of this all-too-short season.

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