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(Photos by Carl Timpone)

Macari Vineyards has transformed its private tasting room into a vibrant pink paradise, offering guests the opportunity to enjoy flights of rosé and savor an elevated lunch while taking in picturesque views of the vineyard. 

The newly designed suite exudes luxury with its pink crushed velvet curtains and L-shaped lounge reminiscent of Barbie’s Dream House. Miniature disco balls wrapped in pink-frosted baby’s breath hang from the chandeliers, adding a touch of whimsy and enchantment. The space also features a retro-style record player, complete with albums of popular artists ranging from Nicki Minaj to Elvis Presley.  

“I really wanted it to be fun and festive, ” explained Lauren Conklin, Macari Vineyards Director of Events and the designer of the space. “That’s why we’re here, to celebrate wine.” 

Twice a year, Macari Vineyards revamps its private tasting room to create a unique, seasonal experience. Its most recent transformation pays homage to the wine of the summer — rosé.

Upon arrival, guests are treated to a toast of pink bubbly, followed by a tasting of five of Macari’s top-rated wines, guided by knowledgeable staff. As the tasting experience unfolds, guests will indulge in a curated lunch prepared by Chef Lauren Lombardi. 

The menu features a Mediterranean grazing board with an array of imported meats and cheeses, freshly baked focaccia, a refreshing seasonal salad, lemon-roasted chicken over quinoa, herbed pasta salad, and a sweet finale of sea-salt-dusted chocolate chips.

To elevate the experience even further, guests can customize it with fun additions like a rosé wine tower, cake, personalized menus and large-format rosé pours. 

“We’re working with all local providers for all those experiences,” explained Conklin. The suite itself, she says, is also filled with art made by local artists like Carl Timpone, whose dreamy sunset photography hangs on the white walls of the suite.

The new tasting room experience costs $150 per person (+ add-ons) and lasts two hours. It comfortably accommodates groups ranging from 10 to 30 guests, making it an ideal setting for a bachelorette party or an intimate bridal shower.

Reservations require a minimum of six people from Monday to Thursday and a minimum of ten people from Friday to Sunday. Due to high demand, Conklin recommends booking well in advance.

For more information about Macari Vineyard’s latest tasting room experience, visit