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Get a head start on your garden with these seeds and starters (Photo Credit: Victoria Caruso)

As the frost melts away and temperatures warm, April is the perfect time to start this year’s garden. When it comes to certain vegetables, flowers and herbs, the earlier you can get seeds in the ground the better. We’ve compiled a list of diverse seeds and starters from across the North Fork that will mature by the time summer is in full swing. 


Onions are notoriously slow to grow, so start with this assorted variety of ‘baby’ onions or bulbs. Plant after the last frost of the season and in four to five weeks, you’ll have onions. 

Talmage Farm & Garden Center, Riverhead

$3.49 per set


Give a nutritious boost to this year’s garden by planting some kale seeds. Harvest in just 25 days. 

Chick’s Southold Agway, Southold

$3.99 per packet


Spring carrots need to be planted early, as they do not do well in hot weather. Plant two to three weeks before the last frost. 

Clarke’s Garden and Home, Greenport

$3.99 per packet


Peas thrive in cold soil. Plant these seeds as soon as you can and have sweet peas in about four to six weeks. 

Clarke’s Garden and Home, Greenport

$3.99 per packet


It’s great to start your herb garden as early as you can. Thyme, dill, oregano and marjoram are a few examples of perennial herbs you plant once and come back every year. 

Peconic River Herb Farm, Calverton

$1.89 to $3.99 per packet 


Finding a good flower mix can bring plenty of pollinators to your garden. A beautiful shade garden mix or some vibrant red nasturtiums are great options to get a jump-start. 

Arni Paperie, Southold

$6 per packet