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Kasandra Watkins is co-owner of Mugs on Main, Riverhead’s first coffee shop in over a decade

Mugs on Main officially opened its doors in downtown Riverhead this past Saturday, April 1, and the excitement of the community was palpable. Throughout the weekend, Mugs on Main was packed with people wanting to try creative lattes and food, mostly served in mugs, of course.

This is the dream-turned-reality for owners Jeff Schaeffer and Kasandra Watkins. The couple both have backgrounds in the hospitality and the beverage industry – Watkins a certified coffee master and Schaeffer, who opened Peconic County Brewing in 2021 just down the road.

“Jeff came up with most of our menu items while I developed the recipes for our lattes,” said Watkins. “We play into the mugs, having everything we serve – if possible – to be served in mugs, whether it be our lattes or our deconstructed egg sandwich.” 

On their menu, they offer traditional cafe fares, such as cold brew, a range of different coffee roasts and espresso. However, they also specialize in signature lattes. Try their Lavender Daze – a vanilla and lavender latte topped with dried lavender flowers. Or step out of your comfort zone and try the Cherry Blossom matcha latte, paired with delicate cherry and topped with dried rose petals. 

“With this shop, I’m able to slow down and really experiment with flavors,” said Watkins. “This weekend, Lavender Daze and Gimme S’mores – a toasted marshmallow and graham cracker chocolate latte topped with mini marshmallows – were the most popular.” 

Food items that come in mugs or to-go cups include broken down bacon egg and cheese served with brioche, overnight oats, açaí and French toast – which has been cut into cubes in order to fit in the mug. Mugs on Main also includes an array of options that come on standard plates, including a vegan egg sandwich and avocado toast.

The coffee shop has an eclectic homey feeling. Three of the four walls are painted in a bold, jewel-toned indigo, with the fourth the foundational brick of the building. Mugs on Main hosts a rotating satellite gallery with East End Arts to display local works. The furniture and mugs were all thrifted by Watkins herself. 

“We wanted everything in our shop to be refurbished and feel like home,” said Watkins. “Jeff’s mother’s art is also on the back wall and it’s her handwriting we’ve incorporated into our logo.” 

For Schaeffer and Watkins, this store is a dream come true and a way for the couple to remember Schaffer’s mother, who passed away last Mother’s Day. Mugs on Main abbreviates to mom, hence the MOM sign on the wall behind their coffee bar. The logo is Schaffer’s mother’s handwriting, just one more way the couple honors her. 

The couple also hopes to be a part of the downtown Riverhead revitalization with this business venture. 

“We are very excited to be an addition to downtown Riverhead,” said Watkins. “It was amazing to see how many people came out this weekend to support us.” 

Try Mugs on Main for yourself and visit them at 33 East Main St. in Riverhead and check out their full menu of coffees and food here.