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The North Fork’s newest mobile caterer offers delicious food from a tiny kitchen. (Courtesy photo)

Looking for a caterer for your backyard party this summer with an elevated spin on classic comfort food? Look no further than Campers Curbside, an aesthetically innovative approach to mobile catering. 

This retro RV turned snack bar is a cozy, 13-by 6-foot mobile kitchen space perfect for intimate settings or large venues. Offering a customizable selection of hot dogs, freshly cut french fries and deep fried desserts, both the camper itself and the food are guaranteed to be photo worthy. 

“We want to provide people with good munchie food and an opportunity for a photo-friendly experience,” said founder and head chef Gabe Newman. “We provide such a small footprint, so we’re not as limited in the types of events we can cater to. Whether it’s a wedding or a backyard party, we won’t take up space and make a big splash!” 

The idea for a mobile kitchen came three years ago, when Newman and his fiancée Brittany Falussy were leaving a family wedding. At the end of the night, they came across a snack cart serving McDonald’s as late-night munchies for departing guests. 

“They paid a crazy amount for just a cart and heat lamps,” said Newman. “We both have backgrounds in food service and media and had the idea that we could do this and make the experience much more elevated.” 

The camper is outfitted with two fryers, burners and a set of steam tables as well as a hand washing station and refrigerator. Newman, who is 6’2, said his head touches the ceiling, but has been innovative in the limited space. 

“There’s a lot we do in such little space,” he said. “I’ve found that a spinning drummers stool is the secret. I can sit but still reach everything from one spot.”

Both Newman and Falussy are big fans of the classic hot dog, traveling across the country to try them. Newman is constantly experimenting with flavors to create truly unique foods to serve in their mobile kitchen. 

Recently, he created a bacon wrapped hot dog with an everything bagel twist complete with a cream cheese schmear, scallions and everything bagel seasoning. He makes his own gravy for smothered fries and whips up freshly fried apple cider doughnuts and churros for those with a sweet tooth. 

“I always strived to one day be a weenie man with a weenie stand, so it’s cool to bring that vision to life,” said Newman. “We want to make it a customizable experience as well, so whether you want a certain kind of hot dog [and] fry combo or a create-your-own churro bar, we can make that happen.”  

Gearing up for the summer season, the Jamesport-based couple is excited to cater the East End. They are currently slated to serve up dogs and fries at Jamesport’s St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, March 25. Newman has also been in talks with the East End Food Market for a pop up in the coming weeks.

“We love the tight-knit community aspect of being out here,” said Newman. “There’s so much opportunity to have this be a community experience. We are so excited to start serving up our delicious food.” 

Interested in Camper’s Curbside catering your next event? Find more information on their website or send them an email at [email protected].