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Mocktails from North Fork Table & Inn in Southold. (Credit: David Benthal)

With January in full swing, the holiday cheer has come to an end, replaced with new year’s resolutions, which for many includes cutting out alcohol.

If you’re hopping on the Dry January trend or just on a break from alcohol indefinitely, fun drinks can still be consumed at local bars and restaurants.

“Mocktails” might not be the drinks your eyes go to first, but there are some delicious and skillfully crafted alcohol free beverages out there at some of your favorite restaurants.

Here are three North Fork spot serving up great mocktails this winter.

And since the COVID-19 pandemic might limit your desire to spend time at a bar, we’ve included an at-home, do-it-yourself virgin drink recipe. 

Demarchelier Bistro, Greenport

Lavender Lemonade

Made with ginger, lemon and lavender with added health benefits of anti-inflammatories and vitamin C.

North Fork Table & Inn, Southold

Pepperplum Limeade

Made with damson plum, black pepper cordial, fresh lime and soda.

Red Barn Breezer

Made with matcha tea, honey, verjus and tarragon.

aMano, Mattituck

The Ginger Sparkle

Served in a champagne flute for that fancier mocktail feel. Made with blood orange puree, ginger beer and a sprig of rosemary

Prickly Tea

Served in a mason jar. Made with lemon black tea, prickly pear puree and lemon juice.

Do-it-yourself virgin drinks

Virgin Mule

Mules are a classic, staple drink that can be appreciated across all ages. Most times made with vodka, we wanted to give readers an alcohol-free version that still remains true to the drink without the indulgent repercussions often felt in the morning. 

The food blog Like Mother Like Daughter has a recipe we would recommend.