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Cutchogue Village Farms Photography by David Benthal

A happy thing no one tells you before becoming a parent is that small children are surprisingly easy to entertain. So sure, you could spend entire days dragging your kids around a water park or wandering in a corn maze. But I am here to encourage you to set the bar lower and point yourself in the direction of Cutchogue Village Farms. 

This rustic farm stand at 31025 Main Road is my family’s favorite way to kill an afternoon. The farm stand, back from the road in a red barn, has excellent pickles and iced tea. But the special attraction is out front, where signs beckon you to walk the path to the pasture. An ivy-strewn structure contains paper bags of feed corn; drop $3 in a cash box, toss some of the feed over the pasture fence, then watch as you attract a crowd of ducks, goats, sheep and maybe a horse or two. Afterward, head across the street for an espresso and an ice cream cone from Scoops & Grinds. 

On a recent afternoon, I stopped by alone on a whim. The sun was setting, the air was crisp and the clucking and bleats from the animals lowered my blood pressure in mere minutes. Turns out its not just small children who are delighted by this spot.