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Honey Harvest Parties | Photo Credit: Kelly Siry

Master Beekeeper Chris Kelly of Promise Land Apiaries has something equal parts sweet and special for you. We’re talking about honey harvest parties and, fear not, the bees don’t actually tag along for the soirée, aside from a stowaway here and there.

“The honey harvest party is an interactive event that comes to you. During the session participants learn about how bees make honey and then take part in the harvesting of the honey,” Kelly told us.

During the party, participants will learn how to uncap and spin the honey and jar it, each leaving with an 8 oz. jar to enjoy at home.

Although the initial intention was for children’s birthday parties, Kelly realized adults loved to get in on the action too, now he’s booking harvest parties for people of all ages. Each party can be geared towards children ages 6+ up to adults.

The party runs for about 90-120 minutes and the entire program takes place on the flatbed of Kelly’s pickup truck, meaning no mess, no fuss. If someone would prefer to set the party up indoors, he can bring tarps to keep the area clean and honey-free. 

The standard rate for a party of 8 people is $500 and each additional person is $15. Parties cap at 35 people. Travel fees may apply. Visit to learn more.