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(Photo Credit: DAvid Benthal)

  1. Crescent Farm duck breast with creamy garlic polenta, local baby arugula and Bing cherry-port wine reduction from The Frisky Oyster
The Frisky Oyster (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

“The Frisky duck breast is one of our signature dishes! The duck coming from Crescent Farm is always consistent and fresh, certainly contributing to its popularity. I cook and baste the breast slow so it’s tender with a crispy skin. It pairs really well with our What’s Your Poison cocktail that has Bulleit rye, blood orange, Campari, lime and luxardo cherry.” — Robby Beaver, chef/owner

The Frisky Oyster, 27 Front St., Greenport

2. Duck confit cappelletti, duck brodo, crispy kale from The Preston House

“House-made duck confit is cured in salt with herbs and spices for three days, then slow-cooked in duck fat. We pull the duck confit meat and sweat it out with aromatics — leeks, garlic, onions, carrots and smoked tomato. For the brodo (broth), we boil the duck bones with aromatics — a mirepoix, dried porcini mushroom, Parmesan blocks, herbs and spices.” — Drew Hiatt, executive chef

The Preston House, 428 East Main St., Riverhead

3. Duck confit with spinach from Demarchelier Bistro

Demarchelier Bistro (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

“A confit duck is the ultimate in duck flavor. Cooked and braised in its own fat with Provence herbs, then finished to a crisp in the oven, the flavor and texture is buttery, fall-off-the-bone, pure duck.” — Emily Demarchelier, owner

Demarchelier Bistro, 471 Main St., Greenport

4. Dry-aged Crescent Farm duck, local pear, biodynamic kale, Deep Roots Farm sweet potato, hazelnut vinaigrette from The Halyard

“Having been born and raised on the North Fork, I have a love for Long Island duck and believe that Crescent duck has the best fat content, flavor, muscle texture and consistency of any other duck I have ever worked with. At The Halyard, we created a special 21-day dry-aging process, allowing the meat to reduce its natural moisture content, which leaves a concentrate of the duck’s flavor. The proteins also denature during the aging process, which gives the final product an amazing texture. The duck is roasted to temperature, served with a sauce made from its bones and sits alongside a crispy strudel of confit made from the duck’s legs.” — Stephan Bogardus, executive chef

The Halyard, 58775 County Rd. 48, Greenport

5. Duck wings with tamarind and passion fruit glaze, cucumber raita dipping sauce from Barrow Food House

Barrow Food House (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

“Our wings are cured with cumin and coriander overnight, and then we confit them in duck fat. This breaks down the tough tendons and gives them great flavor. We then fry them to order, like chicken wings, and toss them in a sweet, sour and spicy sauce. The sauce has a lot of ingredients. We use tamarind and passion fruit (both have sweet and tangy flavors), lemongrass, shallots, ginger, garlic, red chili and butter. The wings are served with a cucumber raita to cool down the heat and acidity.” — Amanda Falcone, chef/co-owner

Barrow Food House, 452 Main Rd., Riverhead