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You’ve heard of Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. Now meet the Local Apron.

An idea cooked up by Lenz Winery in Peconic, think of a typical meal delivery service, but better — because instead of just any old ingredients, the Local Apron uses all local ingredients.

“[It’s] our way to showcase the North Fork’s bounty,” said Jerol Bailey, director of sales at Lenz. “Each monthly box will contain local ingredients, a recipe card and Lenz wine to create a meal at home with your family.”

This first box for May is all about quiche, and in it is everything you need to make that dish — six pullet eggs from Browder’s Birds in Mattituck, fresh spinach and asparagus from Andrews Family Farms in Wading River and gruyere from Cheese & Spice Market in Wading River.

“In May, we were inspired to create a quiche with the highly sought-after pullet eggs from Browder’s Birds, which are only available this time of year,” Bailey said. “Then after speaking with local farm stand owners about their produce, the box practically created itself.”

But who could forget about wine? Along with all the local ingredients you need to make the dish, Lenz sends along two bottles. In May’s box it’s their 2015 Merlot and 2018 Estate Selection Sauvignon Blanc.

“It’s no surprise that local food and wine go very well together,” Bailey said. “I see so many local restaurants sharing ideas and products that they have available, and thought, ‘If we could bring some of these ideas together and remove some of the legwork, I think many of our customers would love it – all while benefiting local businesses.’”

If you haven’t jumped on the home-cooking bandwagon just yet, don’t worry. This box can still be for you. There’s a link to a video that comes in each box that will take you to a demonstration on exactly how to make the dish.

In the future, Lenz Winery plans to continue with the Local Apron by featuring even more North Fork businesses.

“There are so many farms, restaurants, specialty shops and breweries,” Bailey said. “Future featured partnerships are endless. As the seasons change and produce availability changes, the box will naturally be diverse.”

To get your hands on May’s box, head to their website to order it for $65. Already looking ahead to June? Get ready for a farm fresh primavera.