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For this month’s cover story on making the most of your leftover turkey following Thanksgiving, contributing writer Rachel Bosworth spoke with a handful of chefs and poultry farmers for what they do with what remains of their bird.

For me, Thanksgiving is the one meal each year where I truly look forward to leftovers.

I have no problem polishing my plate when I go out to eat. At home, we generally make just enough, so it’s rare there are leftovers then either.

But on Thanksgiving, we typically go all out, making a full turkey with mashed potatoes, stuffing and many of the other usual sides. In recent years, we’ve celebrated the holiday alone, too, so the fridge quickly fills up with leftovers. Then it becomes a race against the clock to eat it all out before the turkey (or my appetite for it) dries out.

Typically, my first round of Thanksgiving leftovers comes later on Thanksgiving night. We usually eat so early that by 8 p.m., I might fix myself another plate.

But that still leaves us with a whole lot of meat, so I’ve begun turning what’s left then into leftover Thanksgiving egg rolls.

It’s simple. Find a Chinese grocer, or visit your favorite takeout spot, and buy a half-dozen egg roll wrappers. All you have to do is combine a cup of shredded turkey, a cup of mashed potatoes, a cup of leftover cranberries (or buy a bag of dried ones) and a cup of leftover stuffing. Roll them up and fry them in oil. Be sure to make extra gravy, so you can use it as a dipping sauce.

The idea of making the most of something is prevalent throughout this month’s issue. Cyndi Zaweski’s profile on Stroller Strong Mamas shows new mothers that being home with the kids doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Instructor and mom Rachel Goodale has assembled a group of women who bring the kids when they get together to exercise.

In our live section, Cyndi also wrote about how one East End builder took an existing farm house in Mattituck and made it more beautiful than ever before without losing any of its charming, historic appeal.

Our feature on Sarikopa Tea tells the story of how one entrepreneur saw potential near the Riverside traffic circle, opening up a tea house in an area long slated for revitalization.

Lastly, our latest map is a blueprint for de-stressing before the holiday season.

Summer ended more than a month ago and even the promising early days of fall have left us behind.

The days are now shorter and colder and it’s that much more important for us to keep our heads straight as we head into winter.

It’s time to get the most out of this turkey.

Grant Parpan

Content Director