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The salt therapy room at Sound View. (Courtesy photo)

Have you ever heard of Halotherapy? Now might be the right time to try it.

The Sound View in Greenport has teamed up with SALT Live Energize for a dry salt therapy pop up that encourages people to breathe in salt vapor during Halotherapy sessions.

A SALT Live Energized spokesperson said breathing in the salt vapor is said to be a natural detoxifier that cleanses the body of pollutants and impurities. It is believed to allow your lungs to absorb oxygen better, soothe and moisturize skin and potentially help you sleep better.

Himalayan salt bricks have been installed in the hotel’s gathering room for the salt treatments. The pop will run through November.

Any guest with a junior suite reserved during the SALT pop up receives a complimentary 25-minute treatment session. Community members can book their treatment through SALT Live Energize’s website or by calling 212-722-6600.

Rates are $55 for non-guests.