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A “Shindig Shuck Box” from Southold Bay Oysters.

Shindig Shuck Box isn’t just a tongue twister — it’s also a new North Fork-themed holiday gift idea from Southold Bay Oysters.

Packaged in a reusable cooler, the box includes two dozen oysters, a stainless steel oyster shucking knife with shucking instructions, homemade cocktail sauce (made with Wesnofske Farm’s tomatoes and Holy Schmitt’s horseradish) and a recipe for making oysters Rockefeller at home.

Ben Gonzales, one of the owners of Southold Bay Oysters, said the box is designed for people who want to enjoy oysters at home, but might feel intimidated.

“We always get customers who want to experience oysters at home but they don’t know how to shuck them or they don’t have the right tools,” he said.

Southold Bay Oysters, which is also owned by Gonzales’ husband Dave Daly, began growing their first crop of commercial oysters in 2016. This year is the first commercial harvest, which they call Southold Shindigs (hence the gift box’s name).

When a box is ordered, the oysters will be harvested the same week they are packaged.

“From the bay to your home,” Gonzales said.

The Shindig Shuck Box can be ordered online at, with free delivery from Jamesport to Orient Point. A box is $50, but customers can save $10 if they order before cyber Monday, Nov. 27.

“We want people to learn how to shuck oysters so they can enjoy them on a day-to-day basis,” Gonzales said. “[With this] they don’t have to think about it. We put it all together for you and it’s like a one-stop shop, open the box and just do it.”