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Calynne Daley, baker and creator of Cakes by Calynne, has introduced a new way to enjoy a popular summer beverage.

Her rosé cupcakes have been a big hit at Osprey’s Dominion in Peconic, where she sells around 400 each weekend.

“Rosé is so popular right now, it was kind of like a no-brainer,” Ms. Daley, 27, said.

She began Cakes by Calynne in 2011 and started working in 2013 at the winery, selling cupcakes in its tasting room.

Last August, it occurred to her to incorporate the winery’s rosé that she loved so much into her baking. At the time, she wondered why this combination hadn’t occurred to her sooner. After all, she already incorporated stout into some of her cupcakes. Why not do the same with rosé?

She began experimenting, replacing the milk in the cupcake recipe with Osprey’s Dominion rosé, creating a recipe for success.

“I think they do well because they’re so inviting — the way they look and taste even better,” said Samantha Moreo, a wine server at Osprey’s Dominion.

Calynne Daley bakes rosé cupcakes. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

She said customers will even visit the tasting room specifically for the cupcakes.

“This is so exciting,” she said. “We never thought it would be this big.”

Cupcakes can also be ordered online at

Ms. Daley was always passionate about baking. She remembers learning from her mother and growing up in a house where there were always baked goods.

She baked as a teen and into her early 20s as a hobby and was always relied upon to bake for office and family parties. She began selling her cakes when she was 21, mostly to friends and family.

She left her office job about two years ago, where she had worked in addition to the winery, and began working for The Sugar Chic in Amityville. The bakery has since closed but Ms. Daley said it was there where she honed her skills.

Before her rosé cupcakes took off, her focus was on baking and decorating special occasion cakes. However, after moving to Riverhead with her husband, Matt, about a year ago, she’s been concentrating on cupcakes.

“Moving out to the North Fork was such a big deal for us,” Ms. Daley said. “I had all of my customers out west and the North Fork welcomed me with open arms … it’s grown into something I didn’t really see coming and I can’t say how grateful I am for it.”

Mr. Daley said he’s proud that his wife has been able to turn her passion into a business. He’s been her designated taste-tester throughout the years and said when she came up with the idea to use rosé in her cupcakes he knew it would be a success, even though it’s uncommon.

Cupcakes on display. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

“Nothing is weird with Calynne,” he said. “When she gets in the kitchen you just gotta trust where she’s going and know the end result is going to be right.”

For now, Ms. Daley is happy riding the success of her rosé cupcakes, but in the future hopes to be able to open a shop of her own to sell her baked goods and get back into creating her own cakes.

A more immediate goal, however, is transitioning from a fun, pink summer cupcake to something with an autumn theme.

“In the fall I’m planning on doing a spice wine cupcake and bake that into a chocolate recipe,” she said.

She plans to incorporate Osprey’s Dominion spice wine into her fall cupcake and finish it with a cinnamon spice buttercream frosting.

She hopes to display them alongside her rosé cupcakes by late September.

“So stay tuned for that!” she said.

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