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Robyn Coval

Robyn Coval and Lori Balter outside their new store Bowery Fork in Laurel. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

A pair of Manhattan restaurant supply industry veterans (and best friends) have opened a restaurant and kitchen supply store in Laurel.

Bowery Fork, a 1,000-square-foot storefront offering National Sanitation Federation-approved cooking equipment and bargain prices on kitchenware, opened its doors Memorial Day weekend.

“We are restaurant-centric and home friendly,” said co-owner Robyn Coval, who also owns the store Bowery Kitchen located in the enclosed urban food court Chelsea Market. Her partner in the new venture is Lori Balter, whose family has owned restaurant wholesale supplier Balter Sales Company for nearly a century.

Inside the Franklinville Road store you will find items ranging from untouched, discontinued plates from Syracuse China to KitchenAid appliances to plating tweezers. You’ll also find restaurant supplies like chef pants, ticket spikes and high-end cookware.

The reason Bowery Fork is able to sell discontinued inventory like American-made china is because much of it has been stored in Balter’s 25,000-square-foot warehouse.

She also argues the benefits of visiting a brick and mortar store as opposed to shopping online.

“You’re getting expert help. You’re getting service. You get to touch and feel the product,” Balter said.

Not to be missed is their “bargain backyard,” located behind the store, where customers can find deals on glassware and other items. They also hope the business will become a concierge services for East End restaurants.

Coval said she was inspired to open a North Fork outpost after purchasing a weekend retreat in Aquebogue three years ago. Naturally, the produce and pasture-raised of North Fork farms made her realize the region beckons a lot of foodies.

“Being out here inspires cooking at home,” Coval said. “There is local, beautiful everything right at your fingertips.”

Find Bowery Fork at 1075 Franklinville Rd., Laurel, (631) 298-1818.