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Wading River’s Hudson Market. (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Wading River's Hudson Market is under new ownership (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Less than six months after opening its doors in Wading River, Hudson Market has already been sold.

Former owner Tony Coates made the announcement on the business’s Facebook page last Thursday, thanking friends and customers for their support.

“It is with a tinge of melancholy but also a wealth of joy that I announce I have decided to sell Hudson Market,” he said. “I feel the community embraced the Market, I feel great about the quality of every muffin, scone, cookie and cup of coffee we’ve served.”

Coates cited his other businesses, including an investment company and public affairs consulting firm, as a reason for selling the coffee shop. Coates, who made an unsuccessful bid last year for Riverhead Town supervisor, will move to Head of the Harbor.

“It was wiser to move west,” he said in an interview Monday morning. “Commuting back and forth to the shop was difficult.”

Coates had no trouble selling the popular Sound Road coffee shop, having already passed the baton to new owners Martin and Karen Accardi of Ridge.

“He was a customer and really liked the place,” Coates said. “He kept coming in and making me an offer and so eventually I said yes.”

For Accardi, Hudson Market signified a dream come true the very first time he walked through the door.

“I was looking for a place to get coffee, discovered it and started hanging around on Saturday mornings,” he said. “I love coffee and had always dreamt of having a little place we could run as a family and become part of the community.”

Accardi, who runs a commercial painting company, plans to operate Hudson Market on weekends with his wife. He’ll keep things status quo for now as he gets to know customers, but eventually intends to revamp and expand the breakfast menu.

“We’re going to do everything we can to feature all the great food that’s available out here,” Accardi said. “I envision the place being a destination where people come in the morning for their coffee, get something to eat and maybe hang out and talk a little bit.”

Hudson Market is located at 6 Sound Road in Wading River. For more information call (631) 886-2227 or visit

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